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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the “My Travel Nepal” website. Nepal has a special place in my heart since the mid 1980s when I first visited this beautiful country. Over the years I’ve been traveling to Nepal many times and lived and worked there for about 15 years during several periods.

This gave me the opportunity to learn the language, do a lot of trekking and extensively learn about the culture and visit the many heritage sites present in the country. I’m happy to share my experiences and give tips on how to make the most out of your visit and to be well-prepared for your travel.

Nepal is a diverse country with rewarding experiences covering many interests.

Be it Nature, Hiking, Outdoor sports, Culture, Meditation or Culinary experiences, Nepal has unforgettable experiences to offer in all this fields. You can easily include different activities of your interest during your visit to make your own tailor made program. I hope the information on this site will encourage you to try out and let yourself suprise by some new activities and experiences during your visit to Nepal.

What this site will offer you

I will show you many authentic places to visit in Nepal and share experiences that might interest you that you might not have thought of in the first place. I enjoy promoting these possibilities and showcase what Nepal and its beautiful people have on offer. You will also find practical tips for your travel preparations and stay in Nepal.

All the best,

Nol Reisman


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